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Our cooperative

Clean Power Europe was founded in Brussels in early 2016 as a recognised European cooperative under Belgian law.


Its founders are the members of another cooperative, Genossenschaft Energie 2030, one which has already been investing in renewable sources of energy with good results.


Clean Power Europe offer you is the opportunity to be part of making sustainable projects a reality by investing your money ethically — and to reap the profit.


Entering and exiting the scheme is straightforward.


Our articles of association define all the rights and duties of members, and we recommend that you familiarise yourself with them.


Our “pact” sets out members’ key rights and duties more briefly.

Articles of Association of Clean Power Europe

Our “pact”

Anyone can become a member of the Clean Power Europe cooperative, by signing up to one or more shares and making over the sum of EUR 1,000 per share. The maximum number of shares you can buy is five.


We observe one member, one vote, regardless of how many shares (1 to 5) you have bought.


Any member is free to suggest new projects, partners or members.


The subscribed capital will be apportioned as follows:

  • 95% to be invested in sustainable projects

  • 4% goes to fund the development of services to our members

  • 1% allocated to advertising to recruit new members


When a member leaves, the credit balance that will be paid out is calculated as follows:

  • Subscribed contribution (1 to 5 shares at EUR 1,000 each)

  • minus 5% processing fee

  • plus all credited dividends

Only if the balance sheet is negative will the member’s share of the loss be charged.

Liability will in any case not exceed the investment made.


Each member is credited annually in his investment account with a dividend, free of withholding tax, of a maximum of 6% of their investment.


At their request, members can donate 10%, 50% or even 100% of their dividend to a non-profit organisation. This is easily done within our system.

Charitable partners
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